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A folder is set up using Deny type Access Control Lists (ACLs). Which rule determines who can perform actions on files in that folder?
A. Only the owner or group can perform a file action.
B. Group permissions take precedence over user level permissions to perform file actions.
C. A denial at any level of user or group permissions takes precedence over any acceptance with regard to performing fileactions.
D. Users have either read-only access, or no access at all, which supersedes Everyone permissions with regard toperforming file actions.Correct Answer: C
Which three troubleshooting steps are useful if web pages will not load?(Choose THREE.)
A. Locate DNS servers on the network using Network Utilitys DNS Scan command.
B. Test direct IP connectivity using Network Utilitys Ping command.
C. Confirm Ethernet connectivity using Network Diagnostics.
D. Review the Network Activity report in Activity Monitor.
E. Verify the network settings in Network preferences.
F. Review the Activity Report in Network Monitor.Correct Answer: BCE
Which computer meets Apple’s minimum recommended requirements for installing Mac OS X Server v10.4?
A. iMac G3 (Bondi Blue) / 256 MB RAM / 6 GB available disk space
B. Power Mac G4 / 512 MB RAM / 3 GB available disk space
C. Power Mac G4 / 256 MB RAM / 4 GB available disk space
D. iBook G4 / 256 MB RAM / 6 GB available disk space

Correct Answer: C
Which statement presents a valid reason for configuring a network user account to use crypt passwords?
A. Crypt is the most secure password type provided by Mac OS X Server v10.4.
B. The crypt password type enables the user account to authenticate via Kerberos.
C. Mac OS X Server v10.4 allows only crypt passwords to be set for network user accounts.
D. Crypt passwords provide compatibility with computers running Mac OS X v10.1 and earlier.

Correct Answer: D
The version of Disk Utility that installs with Mac OS X v10.4 allows you to configure hard disks in what three RAID configurations?(Choose THREE.)
A. Parity
B. Striped
C. Parallel
D. Remote
E. Mirrored
F. Concatenated

Correct Answer: BEF
From Server Admin, which two browsing protocols can you enable for Apple File Service?(Choose TWO.)
C. Bonjour
D. AppleTalk
E. Open Directory

Correct Answer: CD
What three options to securely erase a hard disk are available in Disk Utility?(Choose THREE.)
A. 7-Pass Erase
B. 12-Pass Erase
C. 35-Pass Erase
D. Zero Out Data
E. Erase and Lock Drive
F. Delete and Zero Out Files in Trash

Correct Answer: ACD
Which two computers below meet the minimum hardware requirements for installing Mac OS X v10.4? (Choose TWO.)
A. iMac 233 MHz (revision B) / 256 MB RAM / 4 GB available disk space
B. iMac DV SE G3 (CRT) / 512 MB RAM / 4 GB available disk space
C. Power Macintosh G3 / 128 MB RAM / 3 GB available disk space
D. Power Macintosh G5 / 512 MB RAM / 2 GB available disk space
E. iBook G3 (FireWire) / 320 MB RAM / 3 GB available disk space

Correct Answer: BE
What are three ways to access the command line in Mac OS X v10.4?(Choose THREE.)
A. Launch Console.
B. Launch Terminal.
C. Launch Network Utility.
D. Start up in verbose mode.
E. Log in remotely using SSH.
F. Start up in single user mode.
G. Choose Command from the Apple menu.
Correct Answer: BEF
What tool allows you to create a custom Remote Desktop client installation package with the fewest steps?
A. VISE Installer
B. PackageMaker
C. StuffIt Expander
D. Remote Desktop Admin

Correct Answer: D


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