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Lead4pass CCDA succeeded in becoming a legal organization by 2000, and CCDA members were finally able to participate more freely at regional, departmental, national and international levels in defense of Indigenous access to land and the agricultural situation, labour rights, human rights and the Mayan cultural situation.

Lead4pass Key Benefits

  • Speed – Direct access to the clinical data with no other interim steps required speeds analysis timelines, collaborations across teams and the quality of results.
  • Clarity – Support for collaboration across clinical and analysis teams and visibility to interim analysis steps and results provides greater confidence in conclusions.
  • Flexibility – CCDA goes beyond most packaged systems and provides users with the freedom to investigate and answer the important questions which are inherently complex.
  • Visibility – CCDA provides a unique degree of visibility and transparency for the transformation and analysis process

CCDA Conferences   lead4pass


First Annual Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa


Development First: Addressing Climate Change in Africa

17-19, October 2011.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

United Nations Conference Center

The CCDA-I had four sub-themes:

  • Climate Science, Data Information and Service Delivery
  • Climate Resilient Development and Adaptation
  • Climate Resilient and Low Carbon Development in Africa
  • Economics and Finance of Climate Change

Second Annual Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa


Advancing Knowledge, Policy and Practice on Climate Change and Development

19-20, October 2012

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

United Nations Conference Centre

The CCDA-II had four sub-themes:

  • Climate Service Delivery for Development
  • Sustainable Energy Access for All Africans by 2030
  • Outstanding Issues in Climate Negotiations: Relevance for Africa

Third Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa



Africa on the Rise: Can the Opportunities from Climate Change Spring the Continent to Transformative Development?

21-23, October 2013

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

United Nations Conference Center

The CCDA-III had five sub-themes:

  • Climate science, data and service for Africa’s adaptation and mitigation
  • The role of policy in building Africa’s resilience to climate change impacts
  • Climate Finance: What are the unexplored options?
  • Green economy: Which way for Africa?
  • Is the global climate change framework working for Africa?

Fourth Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa


Africa Can Feed Africa now: Translating Climate Knowledge into Action

8-10, October 2014

Marrakech, Morocco

The CCDA-IV had Five sub-themes:

  • Climate data for food security
  • Agriculture opportunities for renewable energy development
  • Climate finance and investment for agricultural transformation
  • Innovation, technology transfer and deployment to enhance agriculture transformation in a changing climate.
  • Transformation towards a green economy and low-carbon development as Africa feeds itself

Fifth Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa


Africa, Climate Change and Sustainable Development: What is at stake at Paris and beyond?

28-30, October 2015

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The CCDA-IV had Three sub-themes:

  • Global governance of Climate Change
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Africa
  • The State and Africa’s Prospects for Sustainable Development under Climate Change

Sixth Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa


The Paris Agreement: What next for Africa?

17-20, October 2016

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The CCDA-VI had Four sub-themes:

  • Unpacking the Paris Agreement and emerging challenges and opportunities for Africa
  • Integration of the Paris Agreement into Africa’s Development agenda and other global governance frameworks
  • African initiatives in support of the implantation of the agreement
  • Linkages between climate change and migration


All CCDA Certification Exams in Lead4pass

  • 200-310 – Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions

Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCDA
Exam Name: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions
Exam Code: 200-310
Total Questions: 422 Q&As
Last Updated: May 17, 2017

What information should be utilized to identify network applications that are running on an existing network infrastructure?
A. customer information
B. existing documentation
C. traffic analysis
D. external feedback
E. user feedback Correct Answer: C

What are two benefits of a structured IPv4 addressing scheme? (Choose two.)
A. reduces routing table size
B. provides increased security
C. allows for address translation to be performed
D. improves manageability and troubleshooting
E. increases high availability Correct Answer: AD

Which IP address can be routed to cross the public Internet?
Correct Answer: C

  • 640-861 – CCDA Cisco Certified Design Associate

Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCDA
Exam Name: CCDA Cisco Certified Design Associate
Exam Code: 640-861
Total Questions: 203 Q&As

An existing Cisco customer has called for help with designing a new solution for its changing needs. The first issues the customer wants to address are security, logging, and troubleshooting. On which major functional area and which submodule of the Enterprise Composite Network Model will you be keying your efforts?
A. Enterprise Edge; Internet Connectivity
B. Enterprise Campus; Network Management
C. Service Provider; ISP
D. Campus Infrastructure; Building Access
E. Enterprise Campus; Campus Infrastructure
F. Edge Distribution; Call Detail Log
Correct Answer: B

During which phase of the PDIOO process should the implementation be planned?
A. planning
B. designing
C. implementing
D. operating
E. optimizing
F. instigating
Correct Answer: B
Which three items should be included in a summary report that validates the findings of the information you have gathered when characterizing a network? (Choose three.)
A. network services map
B. network problems and drawbacks
C. modularized network
D. network features
E. network applications map
F. actions that support network requirements
Correct Answer: BDF

  • 640-863 – Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions

Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCDA
Exam Name: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions
Exam Code: 640-863
Total Questions: 222 Q&As

Exam A QUESTION 1 76 120 180
A Cisco Self-Defending Network has been installed, but DoS attacks are still being directed at e-commerce hosts. The connection rate at the Internet firewall was limited, but the problem persists. What more can be done?
A. Move the servers to the DMZ.
B. Install all relevant operating system patches.
C. Block the servers’ TCP traffic at the Internet firewall.
D. Block the servers’ UDP traffic at the Internet firewall.

Correct Answer: B

RST Corporation is planning to upgrade its current network. The chief technology officer has supplied a topology diagram and an IP addressing scheme of the current network during an interview.
RST has been growing at about twenty percent per year. It has been difficult to maintain customer support at a satisfactory level. Therefore, the RST board has met with and directed the chief technology officer to look into network improvements.
Which two items are most relevant in documenting RST’s business requirements? (Choose two.)
A. existing network topologies
B. network performance requirements
C. the IP addresses assigned by the ISP
D. improved customer support requirements
E. projected growth estimates

Correct Answer: DE

Refer to the exhibit. Which module is the Enterprise WAN module?

A. Enterprise A
B. Enterprise B
C. Enterprise F
D. Enterprise C
E. Enterprise D
F. Enterprise E

Correct Answer: D

  • 640-864 – Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions

Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCDA
Exam Name: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions
Exam Code: 640-864
Total Questions: 241 Q&As

Which two capabilities of NetFlow accounting assist designers with network planning? (Choose two.)
A. the monitoring of processor time on network devices
B. the calculation of packet and byte counts of network traffic
C. the decoding and analyzing of packets
D. the presentation of a time-based view of application usage on the network
E. the monitoring of user network utilization
Correct Answer: BE
What is the benefit of deploying a gatekeeper in an H.323 IP telephony network.?
A. provides spatial redundancy through the use of HSRP
B. provides load balancing via GUP when alternate gatekeepers are deployed
C. reduces configuration complexity by centralizing the dial plan
D. increases redundancy by allowing each gateway to maintain a copy of the dial plan
Correct Answer: C
An organization needs a WAN Transport technology that meets these criteria:
-Has a low initial cost
-Provides low-to-medium BW

Has medium-to-high latency and jitter Which technology would you suggest?
analog modem
Correct Answer: D

CCDA Recertification Requirements

Lead4pass CCDA certifications are valid for three years. To recertify, pass one of the following current exams before the certification expiration date: ICND2, or SSPO, or CCNA, or any CCNA Concentration exam (wireless, security, voice), or CCDA, or any 642 – XXX Professional Level, or Cisco Specialist exam (excluding Sales Specialist exams), or any CCIE Written or Lab, or CCDE Written or Practical exam or the Architect interview AND the Architect board review.

CCDA Exam Certification Guide (CCDA Self-Study), Second Edition is designed for professional networkers and students who are pursuing CCDA certification. As such, the book will cover all the exam topics upon which candidates will be tested in this new version of the Lead4pass CCDA exam. Lead4pass uses all the necessary components to help a reader prepare for the exam, including “Do I Know this Already” quizzes that assess knowledge; Foundation Summary sections that highlight essential concepts; exam topic lists for easy reference; and end-of-chapter review questions. The final chapter in the book contains scenarios that help readers prepare for the exam.

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