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Exam A

Following is a partial configuration of an access layer switch:

mlsqosmap cos-dscp 0 8 12 16 28 32 40 46
mls qos
spanning-tree mode pvst
spanning-treeextend system-id
switchporttrunk encapsulation dot1q
switchportmode trunk
noip address
wrr-queuecos-map 1 6 7
wrr-queuecos-map 2 5
wrr-queuecos-map 3 2 3 4
wrr-queuecos-map 4 0 1
switchporttrunk encapsulation dot1q
switchportmode dynamic desirable
noip address
mlsqostrust devicecisco-phone
mlsqostrust cos
wrr-queuecos-map 1 6 7
wrr-queuecos-map 2 5
wrr-queuecos-map 3 2 3 4
wrr-queuecos-map 4 0 1
Voice bearer traffic is mapped to which queue in FastEthernet0/2?

A. Queue 1
B. Queue 2
C. Queue 3
D. Queue 4

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
wrr-queue cos-map Use the wrr-queue cos-map global configuration command to assign class of service (CoS) values to the CoS priority queues. Use the no form of this command to return to the default settings. wrr-queue cos-map quid cos1…cosn no wrr-queue cos-map [queue-id [cos1 … cosn]] Command Modes Global configuration Usage Guidelines CoS assigned at the ingress port is used to select a CoS priority at the egress port.
Examples This example shows how to map CoS values 0, 1, and 2 to CoS priority queue 1, value 3 to CoS priority queue 2, values 4 and 5 to CoS priority 3, and values 6 and 7 to CoS priority queue 4:
Switch(config)# wrr-queue cos-map 1 0 1 2 Switch(config)# wrr-queue cos-map 2 3 Switch(config)# wrr-queue cos-map 3 4 5 Switch(config)# wrr-queue cos-map 4 6 7
This example shows how to map CoS values 0, 1, 2, and 3 to CoS priority queue 2:
Switch(config)# wrr-queue cos-map 2 0 1 2 3
quid The queue id of the CoS priority queue. The range is 1 to 4 where 1 is the lowest CoS priority queue.
cos1…cosn The CoS values that are mapped to the queue id.
CoS Value CoS Priority Queues 0, 1 1 2, 3 2 4, 5 3 6, 7 4

Release Modification 12.0(5.2)WC(1) This command was introduced.
12.1(12c)EA1 CoS values were added to the no form of this command.



Select and Place: Correct Answer:

Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 3 A company has migrated to a Cisco CallManager IP telephony system and now is replacing the existing voice mail system with a Cisco Unity voice mail system. A small group of users has been established to test the new voice mail system. During testing the users are unable to leave voice mail messages on the new Unity system. It appears that the ports hang when users try to send voice mails. How would you determine the cause of the problem? (Choose two)
A. Verify that Cisco Call Manager has abeen configured with the correct number of voice mail ports; the number of voice mail ports must match the Cisco Unity configuration.
B. Verify in the Cisco CallManager that the hunt group is hunting to Cisco Unity ports that can accept calls.
C. Verify the Cisco CallManager has been configured with the correct MWI ports; the number of MWI ports must match the Cisco Unity configuration.
D. Verify the call transfer call handlers are configured correctly.
E. Verify thereare no TSP warningin the Event Viewer.

Correct Answer: AB Section: (none) Explanation
CiscoUnity Is Not Answering Some Internal or External Calls Possible causes are: Hunt Groups Are Programmed Incorrectly Do the appropriate procedure for your integration type when the lines connected to CiscoUnity are organized in one or more hunt groups, and the phone system is
programmed to forward calls when ports are busy.
To confirm hunt group programming at the port level (Cisco CallManager integration only) Step 1 In Cisco
CallManager Administration, click Service > Service Parameters.
Step 2 On the Service Parameters Configuration page, click the server that Cisco CallManager is installed
Step 3 In the Configured Services list, click Cisco CallManager.
Step 4 In the Configured Service Parameters list, click ForwardMaximumHopCount.
Step 5 Confirm that ForwardMaximumHopCount is set to a value of twice the number of CallManager ports
connected to CiscoUnity. For example, on a 48 port system, the ForwardMaximumHopCount should be set
to 96.
Step 6 Confirm that the voice messaging ports are set to forward on both Busy and Ring-No-Answer.
Step 7 Put the first voice messaging port into a Busy state.
Step 8 Set up two test phones. For more information, see the “Setting Up For a Diagnostic Test (Cisco
CallManager Integration Only)” section on page1-1.
Step 9 Access an external line from Phone 2, and call Phone 1. The first available port should take the call.
Step 10 Put the next port into a Busy state, Disable the port you just tested via the CiscoUnity
Administrator, and then repeat Step 9.
Step 11 Repeat until all the ports have been tested in a Busy state. When all voice messaging ports are
disabled, and the last port is busy, CallManager should do whatever you programmed it to do when all
lines are busy, such as forward the call to the attendant number. If not, change the CallManager
programming and repeat the test.
Incorrect Number of System Key PortsWhen the system key is programmed for fewer voice ports than are
installed in the CiscoUnity server, CiscoUnity does not answer calls on the extra ports. (For example, if the
voice cards in the CiscoUnity server have 48 ports but the system key is programmed for 24 ports,
CiscoUnity will answer calls on only the first 24 ports.) To verify the number of ports
Step 1 In the CiscoUnity Administrator, click System > Licensing > Licensed Features.
Step 2 Confirm that the Voice Ports value matches the number of ports on the voice cards.
If the values match, continue with the following “Calls Are Sent to the Wrong CiscoUnity Ports” section. If
the value is smaller than the number of ports on voice cards in the CiscoUnity server, contact your sales
prod_troubleshooting_guide_chapter09186a00801d6 a

On a Cisco CallManager Subscriber, a red X appears in the Jobs folder next to a replication job
Which tool will Cisco TAC use to restore proper replication?

A. DBRepair
B. DBSync
C. DBHelper
D. DBPublish

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 5 A Cisco CallManager installation has just switched to Active Directory. One of the CTI services no longer functions. What is the most likely problem?
A. The CTI server is not authenticating on the PDC.
B. The CTI service user is not valid in Active Directory.
C. The CTI service is not recognized as an Active Directory service.
D. The CTI server is not running Active Directory.
Correct Answer: B Section: (none)

Explanation Explanation/Reference:
A phone has stopped working. Given the Event Viewer output shown, what is the most likely cause?
A. The switch has improperly extended the trust boundary.
B. The phone went off-hook.
C. The phone does not have the proper DN.
D. The switch port to the phone was shutdown.

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 7 Refer to the exhibit. You have installed a PRI circuit to an H.323 gateway running 12.3(T) Cisco IOS software. The output shown is a result of which two factors? (Choose two)
A. layer-2 ISDN activity
B. layer-3 ISDN activity
C. the commanddebug isdn h323
D. the commanddebug isdn q921
E. the commanddebug isdnpri

Correct Answer: AD Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 8 Phone users are complaining of delayed dial tones. What tool may be used to exhibit resource utilization on the Cisco CallManager server?
A. Performance Monitor
B. Event Viewer
C. Log Viewer
D. Real-Time Monitor

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 9 The Event Viewer Application Log on the Cisco CallManager subscriber initially showed device SEP000F223984410 unregistered with a Reason Code of 9. It is now registered back to the Cisco CallManager subscriber. What was the possible cause?
A. The IP Phone lost itskeepaliveafter 90 seconds.
B. The Catalyst switch reset.
C. The device name was unknown.
D. The Cisco CallManager initiated a reset.

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
The following event logs relate specifically to Cisco CallManager.
* Error Message: %CCM_CALLMANAGER-CALLMANAGERCallManagerFailure:
Indicates some failure within the Cisco CallManager system.
Explanation – This alarm indicates that some failure occurred in the Cisco CallManager system. Look at the

Reason Code of the error message for more information.
Recommended Action – Monitor for other alarms and restart the Cisco CallManager service, if necessary.
This table displays the Enum definitions and reason codes. products_tech_note09186a0080111ac2.shtml
QUESTION 10 Dept16SW4£show running-configuration snip ! interfaceFastEthernet0/1 portgroup 1 ! interfaceFastEthernet0/2 portgroup 2 ! interfaceFastEthernet0/3 switchporttrunk encapsulation dot1q switchporttrunk nativevlan16 switchportmode trunk switchportvoicevlan160 spanning-treeportfast switchportpriority extend trust ! end Dept16SW4#vlan database Dept16SW4(vlan)# show VLAN ISL Id: 1

Name: default Media Type: Ethernet VLAN 802.10Id: 100016 State: Operational MTU: 1500 You have installed a new Catalyst 3524-PWR to support a small group of IP telephony users in Department
16. When the IP phones are tested they receive power, but do not communicate with the
CallManager. The aboveshow interfaceFastEthernet0/3 and show VLAN database.
What is the problem?

A. The VLAN and trunk statements are missing fromFastEthernetports 0/1 and 0/2.
B. VLAN 160 needs to be entered unto the VLAN database.
C. Fast EtherChannel is supported on only the last four ports in a Catalyst 3524-PWR.
D. VLAN 16 is an 80.1q trunk and not an ISL trunk.

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
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