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Exam A
What are two characteristics of the SDM Security Audit wizard? (Choose two.)
A. displays a screen with Fix-it check boxes to let you choose which potential security-related configuration changes to implement
B. has two modes of operationinteractive and non-interactive
C. automatically enables Cisco IOS firewall and Cisco IOS IPS to secure the router
D. uses interactive dialogs and prompts to implement role-based CLI
E. requires users to first identify which router interfaces connect to the inside network and which connect to the outside network
Correct Answer: AE
Which of these correctly matches the CLI command(s) to the equivalent SDM wizard that performs similar configuration functions?
A. Cisco Common Classification Policy Language configuration commands and the SDM Site-to-Site VPN wizard
B. auto secure exec command and the SDM One-Step Lockdown wizard
C. setup exec command and the SDM Security Audit wizard
D. class-maps, policy-maps, and service-policy configuration commands and the SDM IPS wizard
E. aaa configuration commands and the SDM Basic Firewall wizard
Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit. What does the option secret 5 in the username global configuration mode command indicate about the enable secret password?

A. It is hashed using SHA.
B. It is encrypted using DH group 5.
C. It is hashed using MD5.
D. It is encrypted via the service password-encryption command.
E. It is hashed using a proprietary Cisco hashing algorithm.
F. It is encrypted using a proprietary Cisco encryption algorithm.
Correct Answer: C
What will be disabled as a result of the no service password-recovery command?
A. changes to the config-register setting
C. password encryption service
D. aaa new-model global configuration command
E. the xmodem privilege EXEC mode command to recover the Cisco IOS image
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is correct based on the show login command output shown?

A. When the router goes into quiet mode, any host is permitted to access the router via Telnet, SSH, and HTTP, since the quiet-mode access list has not been configured.
B. The login block-for command is configured to block login hosts for 93 seconds.
C. All logins from any sources are blocked for another 193 seconds.
D. Three or more login requests have failed within the last 100 seconds.

Correct Answer: D
What does level 5 in the following enable secret global configuration mode command indicate?
router#enable secret level 5 password
A. The enable secret password is hashed using MD5.
B. The enable secret password is hashed using SHA.
C. The enable secret password is encrypted using Cisco proprietary level 5 encryption.
D. Set the enable secret command to privilege level 5.
E. The enable secret password is for accessing exec privilege level 5.
Correct Answer: E
During role-based CLI configuration, what must be enabled before any user views can be created?
A. multiple privilege levels
B. usernames and passwords
C. aaa new-model command
D. secret password for the root user
E. HTTP and/or HTTPS server
Correct Answer: C
What is a result of securing the Cisco IOS image using the Cisco IOS image resilience feature?
A. The show version command will not show the Cisco IOS image file location.
B. The Cisco IOS image file will not be visible in the output from the show flash command.
C. When the router boots up, the Cisco IOS image will be loaded from a secured FTP location.
D. The running Cisco IOS image will be encrypted and then automatically backed up to the NVRAM.
E. The running Cisco IOS image will be encrypted and then automatically backed up to a TFTP server.
Correct Answer: B
What are three common examples of AAA implementation on Cisco routers? (Choose three.)
A. authenticating remote users who are accessing the corporate LAN through IPSec VPN connections
B. authenticating administrator access to the router console port, auxiliary port, and vty ports
C. implementing PKI to authenticate and authorize IPsec VPN peers using digital certificates
D. tracking Cisco Netflow accounting statistics
E. securing the router by locking down all unused services
F. performing router commands authorization using TACACS+
Correct Answer: ABF
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the aaa configurations is true?

A. The authentication method list used by the console port is named test.
B. The authentication method list used by the vty port is named test.
C. If the TACACS+ AAA server is not available, no users will be able to establish a Telnet session with the router.
D. If the TACACS+ AAA server is not available, console access to the router can be authenticated using the local database.
E. The local database is checked first when authenticating console and vty access to the router.
Correct Answer: B