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You receive an alarm that your Junos device is experiencing problems regarding temperature.
Which two commands would you use to investigate this problem? (Choose two.)
A. show chassis hardware
B. show chassis temperature-thresholds
C. show chassis pic fpc-slot pic-slot
D. show chassis environment
Correct Answer: BD

Which command displays the egress interfaces selected on the PFE for destination prefixes?
A. show route forwarding-table
B. show route table
C. show route table extensive
D. show pfefwdd
Correct Answer: A

Which statement is true about the forwarding plane? JN0-102 pdf
A. The forwarding plane is the intelligence of the platform.
B. The forwarding plane is based on an X86 architecture.
C. The forwarding plane maintains the routing tables, bridging table, and primary forwarding table.
D. The forwarding plane implements policers, stateless firewall filters, and class of service.
Correct Answer: D
JN0-102 dumps
You want to log in to the router and make a configuration change. JN0-102 dumps
After logging in as the root user, what is the next command you must enter?
A. enable
B. configure
C. edit
D. cli
Correct Answer: D

What must be configured prior to the first commit after factory defaults are loaded?
A. root authentication
B. default gateway
C. host name
D. management services
Correct Answer: A

Which two login-class permissions could permit a user to view the system hierarchy of the active configuration? (Choose two.)
A. system permission
B. view-configuration permission
C. network permission
D. super-user permission
Correct Answer: AB

Which command displays the amount of space available on the storage media? JN0-102 pdf
A. show chassis routing-engine
B. show system file-storage
C. file list
D. show system storage
Correct Answer: D

Which three steps are part of the root password recovery process? (Choose three.)
A. Reboot the device.
B. Run the recovery script.
C. Reset the root password.
D. Reset the user passwords.
E. Load factory-default configuration.
Correct Answer: ABC

Which two statements are true about terms in a routing policy? (Choose two.) JN0-102 dumps
A. A routing policy cannot have more than one term.
B. If a term does not contain a from statement, all routes match.
C. If a term does not contain a from statement, the Junos OS will not commit.
D. A then statement is not mandatory in a term.
Correct Answer: BD

Which two can be used to create and apply an export policy that advertises static routes to RIP neighbors? (Choose two.)
A. set protocols rip export demo
B. edit policy-options policy-statement demo
set term 1 from protocol static
set term 1 then accept
C. edit policy-options policy-statement demo
set term 1 from protocol static accept
D. set protocols rip group internal export demo
Correct Answer: BD

What information is used by a switch to forward an Ethernet frame to its destination?
A. IP address
B. destination MAC address
C. ARP table entry
D. FCS checksum
Correct Answer: B

Two devices on an Ethernet segment sent frames at the same time causing a collision.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. Both devices stop transmitting, wait a random period of time, verify the wire is idle, and re-transmit.
B. The device with the lowest MAC address is permitted to retransmit first.
C. The device with the lowest MAC address sends a jam signal to notify all other devices of the collision.
D. Both devices send a jam signal to notify all other devices of the collision.
Correct Answer: AD

You have been assigned the /24 network and need to segment it into at least 60 subnets.
Which network mask meets this requirement? JN0-102 pdf
A. /27
B. /28
C. /29
D. /30
Correct Answer: D

Which statement is correct regarding exception traffic processing?
A. Exception traffic is only handled by the PFE.
B. Exception traffic is rate-limited across the internal link to protect the RE.
C. Exception traffic is not prioritized during times of congestion.
D. Exception traffic is forwarded based on forwarding table entries.
Correct Answer: B

You are asked to change the cable on interface fe-4/2/3.
Which statement is correct? JN0-102 dumps
A. The cable is found on port 4, FPC 2, and slot 3.
B. The cable is found on slot 2, port 3, and FPC 4.
C. The cable is found on FPC 4, slot 3, and port 2.
D. The cable is found on slot 2, FPC 3, and port 4.
Correct Answer: B

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