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Exam A
Which statements are true regarding ATM-Ethernet PW Interworking? Select two.
A. IP Interworking is supported.
B. Ethernet Interworking is supported.
C. LLC Interworking is supported.
D. ATM-Ethernet Interworking is not possible.
Correct Answer: AB
To eliminate the need for adjacent routers on broadcast networks to form n(n-1)/2 adjacencies, IS-IS defines a pseudonode or Designated intermediate System, DIS. All router on the broadcast medium form an adjacency with the DIS. The Backup DIS is called:
A. Redundant DIS
C. There is no concept of a backup DIS in IS-IS
D. Designated Redundant System
Correct Answer: C
What ISDN timer is started after Q.931 SETUP msg is sent?
A. T301
B. T303
C. T302
D. T310
E. T305
Correct Answer: D
Which statements are true regarding Interworking? Select two.
A. Interworking is only supported in AToM.
B. Interworking is supported in AToM and L2TPv3.
C. Ethernet Interworking is only supported if one AC is Ethernet or VLAN.
D. FR-PPP is not supported.
Correct Answer: BC
Observering the output below from the CK router, select what path EoMPLS will take before exiting a router: CK#show mpls 12transport vc 100 detail Local interface: Fa0/0.1 up, line protocol up, Eth VLAN 100 up Destination address:, VC ID: 100, VC status: up Preferred path: Tunnel1, active Default path: disabled Tunnel label: 3, next hop point2point Output interface: Tu1, imposed label stack {27 20} Create time: 00:07:11, last status change time: 00:07:11 Signaling protocol: LDP 16, remote 20 MPLS VC labels: local 16, remote 20 Group ID: local 0, remote 0 MTU: local 1500, remote 1500 Remote interface description: Sequencing: receive disabled, send disabled
B. FastEthernet 0/0
C. FastEthernet 0/0.1
D. Tunnel1
E. This is an invalid output
Correct Answer: D
What is NOT true regarding PW QoS?
A. A policy action can be applied for packets matched by DLCI.
B. LLQ can be applied to traffic classified per COS on Ethernet AC.
C. CB-WFQ can be applied to traffic classified per COS on Ethernet AC.
D. The command ‘set cos’ is used to modify the .1p cos bits in a policy.
E. The command ‘set vlan’ is used to modify the VLAN tag in a policy.
F. All of the above.
Correct Answer: E
According to the IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD specification, what is the proper signal for contact 6 of a PHY without an internal crossover MDI Signal?
A. Receive +
B. Transmit +
C. Receive –
D. Transmit –
Correct Answer: C

A router has the above routes listed in its routing table and receives a packet destined for What will happen?
A. The router will not forward this packet, since it is destined for the 0 subnet.
B. The router will forward the packet through, since it has the lowest metric.
C. The router will forward the packet through
D. The router will forward the packet through, since it has the lowest administrative distance.
E. The router will forward the packet through
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 9
Which statement is true? Select one.
A. L2TPv2 and L2TPv3 are the same protocol with enhanced features in L2TPv3.
B. L2TPv3 and L2TPv3 are both commonly used for dial-in services.
C. L2TPv2, not L2TPv3, is commonly used for dial-in services.
D. L2TPv3 is used for Layer2 attachment services.
E. None of the above.

Correct Answer: C
What is most commonly used to prevent hackers from flooding a port with MAC-addresses?
A. BPDU Guard
B. 802.x
C. Port Security
D. Storm Control
E. Switch Port protected
Correct Answer: C
A service provider plans to offer Virtual Private LAN Service to a customer who has 10 sites, and the customer edge switches are attached to 8 provider edge switches. What is the maximum number of pseudowires that needs to be provisioned throughout the service provider network in order to have full Layer-2 connectivity among all sites?
A. 10
B. 8
C. 28
D. 45
Correct Answer: C