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A. Configure progress_ind setup enable 3 under the gateway VoIP dial-peer
B. Configure progress_ind alert enable 8 under the gateway POTS dial-peer
C. configure voice rtp send-rcv in the gateway
D. Set CallManager Service Parameter ToSendH225UserInfoMsg to True

Correct Answer: C
Section: (none)


Which unity troubleshooting tool would be used to diagnose problems with skinny and MWI?

A. trace tool
B. configuration tool
C. diagnostic tool
D. maestro tool

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
Cisco Unity Troubleshooting Guide (With Lotus Domino), Release 4.0(1) CiscoUnity Diagnostic Tool The CiscoUnity Diagnostic Tool allows creating and viewing of diagnostic log files to troubleshoot problems. It replaces the diagnostic log functionality in Maestro Tools, and allows the system administrator or TAC staff to selectively run diagnostic traces at two levels:
Macro Traces-These are collections of component traces that help diagnose problems such as message
waiting indicator and system problems.
Micro Traces-These are the component traces. Each component has up to 32 trace levels that can be
individually selected.
The CiscoUnity Diagnostic Tool also allows the system administrator or TAC staff to perform the following

Create new log files on demand. This makes troubleshooting problems easier. When a problem can be
reproduced reliably, the system administrator can close all existing log files and create new log files prior to
reproducing the problem. This eliminates many unnecessary and unrelated items from the logs.
Configure log settings. The system administrator can adjust the maximum disk space allowed for all
diagnostic log files. (The default setting is 400 MB.) The Logging Properties screen also allows the system
administrator to disable all diagnostic output by clearing the Diagnostic Output check box.
Gather standard logs. This option provides the ability to quickly gather all or selected Microsoft Windows
and CiscoUnity logs.
Disable all traces. This is a quick way to return diagnostic logs to their default settings after
troubleshooting efforts are complete.
View the Event log. The Event log files for either the local computer or another computer can be viewed
and exported.
Change the display language for Windows Event log messages that are generated by Cisco Unity. This
is a temporary change and is only in effect while the Cisco Unity Diagnostic Tool is running.

QUESTION 53 You have received a trouble ticket from an employee. The employee is reorting that he can call his manager, but his manager cannot call him. The employee is calling from extension 2003 at site 2. His manager is at extension 2002 in site 1. You have verified that both DNs are in the Phones partition.
What is the cause of the issue?

A. The location configuration is resulting in insufficient bandwidth for this call
B. The manager’s CSS does not include Phones partition
C. The manger’s CSS does not include Employee partition
D. The region configuration is resulting in codec negotiation issue

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation

Which two operations does this RTM screen display show? (Choose two)
A. A phone registering.
B. A call in process.
C. A phone removed from the network.
D. A call disconnecting.

Correct Answer: AC
Section: (none)


Which two of the following is true regarding BAT Application? (Choose TWO)

A. BAT Application doesn’t support Internet Explorer Ver. 5
B. BAT Application doesn’t support Netscape Directory Server
C. BAT Application doesn’t support Netscape Browser ver 6.0 or above
D. BAT Application doesn’t support Netscape Communicator Ver 4.0
E. BAT Application support LDAP
Correct Answer: BD Section: (none) Explanation

QUESTION 56 IPMAFilter of a Manager has been set to Exclusive & the following numbers entered in the Manager’s lists: 456-1294 589-0923 773-0900 884 927 A call comes in with caller ID 927-8921. Where will the call go first?
A. To the Manager’s designated Assistant

Correct Answer: A
Section: (none)


What best represent the concept of functional group in MLA?

A. directory users.
B. full-access users.
C. read-only previlige
D. subset of administration pages

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 59 ONE NEW QUESTION about RTMT (Characteristic of RTMT). but cant remember all the options, however answered correctly. (CHOOSE THREE)
A. Install Plugin
B. Provide clusterwide system Monitoring
C. Configure Alert for for Windows XP on a per node basis
D. Ability to reconfigure counters in Performance Monitor
E. Enable the view of real-time servicebility..for cluster…….offer
Correct Answer: ABE Section: (none) Explanation

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:
Section: (none) Explanation
MGCP Gateway is not registered on the CCM, how can you view the status?
A. Performance Monitor
B. Event Viewer
C. Log Error
D. Real Time Monitor

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
WHich CTI device allows queing of calls to an unlimited depth?

A. Hunt Group
B. Route Point
C. Peer

D. Port Correct Answer: B
Section: (none) Explanation
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