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CK1 and CK2 are routers connected through PE1 and PE2 using 802.1q VLAN 10 as shown in the diagram. PE1 and PE2 have provisioned one pseudowire for CK1 and CK2 on the 802.1q sub-interfaces of VLAN 10. CK1 can ping CK2 and vice versa. Suppose both CK1 and CK2 enable an IEEE standard-based Spanning Tree protocol for VLAN 10 and both use the default bridge priority. The interface CK1 connected to the provider edge router has a lower MAC address then that of CK2 . What CK router will become the root bridge for VLAN 10?
A. CK1 only
B. CK2 only
C. Both CK1 and CK2
D. None of the above

Correct Answer: A
In Frame Relay, what devices resend packets that do not transmit correctly?
A. Digital transmission media cabled to monitor ports, as opposed to straight DCE signaling.
B. Network end stations.
C. Network switches running SNMP management software.
D. Special bridging devices within the backbone cloud.

Correct Answer: B
What can NOT be matched in a FR attachment circuit? Select two.
A. match fr-de
B. match fr-dlci
C. match fr-ea
D. match fr-dlci range
E. match fr-cos

Correct Answer: E
Traceroute does not work on Host A ( a Unix workstation) to the Internet. Currently, there is an inbound access-list applied to the serial interface on Router 1 that says “access-list 101 permit tcp any any”. What access-list entry may need to be added in order to get traceroute to work?
A. access-list 101 permit udp any any
B. access-list 101 permit icmp any any time-exceeded access-list 101 permit icmp any any port-unreachable
C. access-list 101 permit icmp any any time-exceeded access-list 101 permit icmp any any net-unreachable
D. access-list 101 permit icmp any any echo access-list 101 permit icmp any any net-unreachable
E. access-list 101 permit udp any any access-list 101 permit icmp any any protocol-unreachable
Correct Answer: A
Which statements are true regarding VPLS? Select two.
A. There is a full mesh of pseudowires.
B. There is a partial mesh of pseudowires.
C. Only L2TPv3 can be used for pseudorwire establishment.
D. STP runs in the core.
E. There is a split-horizon to avoid loops.
Correct Answer: AE
What is the primary benefit of the ‘time-to-live’ field in the IP header?
A. To improve buffer utilization.
B. To reduce the impact of routing loops.
C. To allow calculation of round-trip delays.
D. To remind us that all earthly joys are fleeting.
E. To avoid delivery of packets that are not longer useful.

Correct Answer: E QUESTION 81

Host 1 and Host 2 are on Ethernet LANs in different buildings. A serial link is installed between two Cisco routers using Cisco HDLC serial line encapsulation. Routers CK1 and CK2 are configured to route IP traffic. Host 1 sends a packet to Host 2. A line hit on the serial line cause an error in the packet. When this is detected, the retransmission is sent by:
A. Host 1
B. Host 2
C. Router CK1
D. Router CK2
E. Protocol analyzer

Correct Answer: A

The address field contains: (multiple answer) Select three.
A. The DLCI Value
B. The Extended Address (EA)
C. Congestion Control

Correct Answer: ABC
What type of protocol/port is used for L2TPv3?
A. TCP 115
B. UDP 115
C. IP 115 D. TCP 646
E. TCP 711

Correct Answer: C
The command to specify the Ethernet channel protocol is:
A. channel-group {number}protocol [pagp | lacp]
B. set Ethernet channelprotocol [pagp | lacp]
C. set ethertype [pagp | lacp]
D. set channelprotocol [pagp | lacp]
E. channelprotocol [pagep | lacp]
F. set spantree protocol [pagp | lacp]

Correct Answer: A
What does the Switchport block feature do? Select two.
A. Blocks unknown multicast forwarding to the port.
B. Blocks unknown spanning tree to the port.
C. Blocking unknown VLANS to the port.
D. Blocks unknown unicast forwarding to the port.

Correct Answer: AD
What is possibly true concerning Traffic contract, Traffic shaping, and Traffic policing in ATM networks?
A. They are parameters of PNNI set during PNNI configuration.
B. They are types of SVCs.
C. They are types of PVCs.
D. They are forms of QoS features used in ATM networks.
E. They are only used between ATM switches to control traffic flows.

Correct Answer: D
After OSPF is defined on a broadcast medium, the network administrator now wants a specific router to act as the Designated Router (DR) for a particular segment. What must the administrator do to ensure this always occur?
A. Ensure the required router is the first to load, so it can assume the role of the Designated Router.
B. Configure the required router with the highest IP address on this segment.
C. Configure ip ospf priority on the interface, using a lower value then any other router on this segment.
D. Configure ip ospf priority on the interface, using a higher value than any other router on this segment.
Correct Answer: D
Within OSPF, what functionality best defines the use of ‘stub’ area?
A. It appears only on remote areas to provide connectivity to the OSPF backbone.
B. It is used to inject default route for OSPF.
C. It uses the no-summary keyword to explicitly block external routes, defines the non-transit area, and uses the default route to reach external networks.
D. It is a non-transit area that does not allow flooding of external networks and uses the default route to reach external networks.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 89

Observing the shown configuration, assume PE1 and PE2 already have IP connectivity, what behavior should be expected?
A. This configuration is valid. L2TPv3 will become up and CE1 will be able to communicate with CE2.
B. This is not a valid design because Crypto does not have any relationship to L2TPv3.
C. The configuration will not work for L2TP3 because to work it would require MPLS to be enabled in the core.
D. L2TPv3 will not come up and Cypto IPSec will not come up either because there is a misconfigured protocol type for L2TPv3.
E. This will not work because Crypto is misconfigured on PE1 and PE2.
F. This will not work because it is not possible to encrypt L2TPv3 session in IPSEC.

Correct Answer: A
Exhibit: interface eth 0 ip add router rip network passive-interface Ethernet 0 neighbor
What statement is correct concerning the shown configuration?
A. Two RIP updates will be sent out on Ethernet 0, one broadcast to and one unicast to
B. Only one RIP update will be sent out on Ethernet 0 to the broadcast address, but no RIP updates will be received on Ethernet 0.
C. Two RIP updates will be sent out on Ethernet 0, one broadcast to and one unicast
D. Only one RIP update will be sent out on Ethernet 0 to the unicast address

Correct Answer: D
What is an Inter Switch Link (ISL)?
A. A protocol to interconnect switches across ATM only.
B. A protocol interconnect switches across FDDI only.
C. An IEEE protocol to interconnect multiple switches.
D. A Cisco proprietary protocol for interconnecting multiple switches.
E. An IEEE protocol to interconnect multiple switches across Fast Ethernet.

Correct Answer: D
What kind of feature set would be needed to be transparent for the customers connecting through your switch?
A. bpduguard
B. bpdufilter
C. disable stp
D. dot1q stacking L2-Tunneling
Correct Answer: D

Using the shown debugging excerpt, what option best describes the problem?
A. An ISDN router has a misconfigured username password pair.
B. An ISDN router is missing the stack password.
C. The offload server does not offload calls from ISDN routers not using PPP Multilink.
D. The offload server has a bad password.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 94
Which statements are false regarding the MPLS stack for EoMPLS packets? Select three.
A. There are at least 0 MPLS labels.
B. There is at least 1 MPLS labels.
C. There are at least 2 MPLS labels.
D. There are at least 3 MPLS labels.

Correct Answer: ACD
What is true regarding Policing for Frame Relay to Ethernet IW PW?
A. It is only possible on the Frame Relay end.
B. It is only possible on the Ethernet end.
C. It is possible on both ends.
D. It is only possible on the Ethernet end because there is no way of classifying traffic on the FR end.
E. None of the above.

Correct Answer: C

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