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What is the purpose of Dual Ring Interconnect in SONET rings?
A. Protects signals against a node failure in a single ring
B. Protects signals when a ring switch fails
C. Protects signals when multiple span switches fail
D. Protects pre-emptible traffic from being dropped when a ring switch occurs
E. Protects signals against intermediate node failures between rings

Correct Answer: E
Why is it important to leave some residual dispersion at an amplifier site when 10Gb/s signals in a DWDM system have gone through a dispersion compensating device?
A. Reduces the effect of polarization mode dispersion
B. Avoids gain tilt through the amplifier
C. Compensating to zero dispersion has too much loss penalty
D. Suppresses some non-linear effects like XPM and SPM
E. None of the above

Correct Answer: D
What SAN topology has the ability to scale to very large networks?
A. Switched Fabric
B. Arbitrated Loop
C. Point to Multipoint
D. Loop Channel bypass
E. Point to Point

Correct Answer: A
RPR capability on the ML-series cards increases the scalability of the ML architecture from 10 cards per ring to how many cards per ring?
A. 16
B. 32
C. 255
D. 4080
Correct Answer: B

In the MPLS network shown, how many routing tables are on Router A?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Correct Answer: A
Exhibit: The exhibit represents a power to frequency graph of a modulated optical signal with a base frequency of

193.00 THz. What do the smaller peaks on each side of the base frequency represent?
A. Pink noise of the transmitter
B. Four-wave mixing products
C. Modulation sidebands of the optical signal
D. Other wavelengths in a DWDM system
E. Gain tilt of wavelengths in a DWDM system

Correct Answer: C
What establishes routing table precedence in a routing table?
A. Default metrics
B. Routing priority
C. Type of service
D. Iambic pentameter
E. Administrative distance

Correct Answer: E
You have an E-series shared packet ring of size STS-3c consisting of ONS 15454 nodes. What is the maximum size point-to-point circuit that can be configured with the remaining bandwidth to the multi-card Ethernet group on the E-series cards?
A. STS-1
B. STS-3c
C. STS-6c
D. STS-12c
E. STS-24c
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 54

Given the four networks listed, what valid summary address (below) contains the longest prefix?
E. These networks cannot be summarized.

Correct Answer: A
What CiscoWorks 2000 application provides support for optical NEs?
A. Internet Performance Monitor
B. Resource Manager Essentials
C. Service Level Manager
D. Voice Health Monitor

Correct Answer: B

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